Women's Lightweight Warm Zip Up Soft Polar Fleece Jacket


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Women's Lightweight Warm Zip Up Soft Polar Fleece Jacket


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  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Hardface stretch fabric at cuff keeps your arms toasty by blocking the pesky wind from crawling up your sleeves
  • Classic fleece jacket for warmth in cool conditions
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    Comments (40)

    Tatum Lively

    Another satisfied customer! I love the color. I bought it for my nephew for his birthday who also love the color he put it on and was wearing it throughout the house the minute I gave it to him.

    Hanley Mariner

    Yoga style ski pants,These fit my waist fine but taper down to skinny jeans. Could get them to fit around my ski boots. Felt like I was wearing lumberjack style yoga pants.

    Zachariah Toby

    Five Stars,Ok

    Meadow Gilda

    Made for the tall person!,The material and style are awesome. However…I’ll have to have the length adjusted. These pants are extremely long. Most sweat pants fit long but these are ridiculous long. I ordered an extra large. If you can fit into an extra large you better be 6’5”For these to fit. Once I cut off about 6 inches I think these will fit. I’m 5’10. And these pants fit around the waist and legs. Just tooo looong!

    Janice Davin

    Five Stars Fits perfectly fine, and arrived on time.

    Praised Vernon

    Quality tee. Great product for the price. Nice quality product. Fast shipping.

    Shannon Humble

    Surprised I work outside all day. I needed boxers to be comfortable and help with moisture. Tomorrow I will have one on to see if will do what they say. I hope so. It fits very well an it's softness is nice.

    Muriel Blanche

    Great!,Great pants fit well, lots of pockets!

    Griswold Elvis

    NO POCKETS,I like the material.I like the weight of the fabric.I love the fact that the fabric is made of recycled water bottles.I hate the fact that the sweat pants had NO POCKETS.Wtf?

    Renata Prosperous

    Love the style and fabrication . Top fits but the bottom is too small. Love the style and fabrication . Top fits but the bottom is too small.

    Edeline Leon

    Great value,These pants are very nice. I like the fleece inside. Worth the price.

    Vandal Drew

    Good enough,No pockets.

    Prosperous Dermot

    Good pants,For teenage son. He loves them

    Julia Beloved

    very much too long,Legs were about one foot (12") too long. Unwearable.

    Ward Tara

    Four Stars Good fit and real comfortable too. Never had a complaint about carhartt products...

    Joan Gavin

    Five Stars,Good price delivered on time nice and warm

    Jasper Neal

    Excellent value for less than $10,fits as expected!!! Excellent value for less than $10. Great for gym workouts!

    Lane Flora

    Nice and warm and comfortable . Very good product

    Paul Haley

    Not bad for the price ???? Runs small! Not bad for the price ????

    Sally Dominica

    Soft, warm, love it! Love it!!! Got matching with my boyfriend (medium size) and it fits perfectly according to a typical shirt size. Soft, felt-like material and very warm!

    Jade Valda

    Material Not As Expected,Description as polyester but received cotton material.

    Patience Daphne

    Fits perfectly,A bit on the pricey side but its super comfortable and fits perfectly.

    Udolf White

    Good fit Fits true to size

    Sherman Fitzgerald

    Very happy. They are a great fit with a great ... Very happy . They are a great fit with a great price ....

    Cunning Delilah

    Comfy fitting sweatshirt that’s built to last! I bought this for my husband for Christmas and he loves it and wears it often.

    Ebenezer Kerri

    Don't know I bought this item as a Christmas gift, so the recipient hasn't even received it yet. He always buys Carhartt, and his wife gave me his size. So I'm assuming we will be satisfied.

    Fourth Nessia

    Comfortable and a nice color,Comfort, fits as expected, like the color and the price was right.

    Beguiling Delight

    The boyfriend loves it,Great quality, the material is comfortable and the bf wears it all the time

    Mary Zelda

    Great value, quality product,These lounge pants are a great value & nice quality. I bought a pair for my son who is 6’4”, 187 lbs., and they fit perfect. He loves them so much that I bought 4 more pair! The only thing I’d like to add is that they are called ‘jersey’, which made me think they’d be a little on the silky side, but they are more like regular t-shirt cotton. They wash up well & haven’t faded after multiple washings.

    Britney Peaceful

    Good husband loved them. he brought three extra packs lol

    Drucilla Beth

    Great value!,Great value!

    Yvette Amiable

    They were wrapped in a plastic bag but had a good size rip in the seam of the leg,Bought these for my brother. They were wrapped in a plastic bag but had a good size rip in the seam of the leg. He sewed them and it was in the seam so not a huge deal. He wants some more so I will order again and hope it was a fluke!! Fingers crossed!

    Felicia Lion-like

    Five Stars,Great

    Annette Falcon

    Nice quality Love this! Bought 2 for my husband, need to buy more, as I’ve “borrowed” them for myself. On me they are baggy and cozy, on him it’s a perfect fit , not too bulky. He can easily wear a tee shirt under if needed or a jacket over. Perfect by itself too!

    Kilby Stranger

    They are thin and not thick,They are thin not thick

    Jason Sibyl

    Oddly made pants I tried these on and immediately was disappointed. Not only does the waist come up very high (literally right below my boobs) but the waist is snug. The rest of the pants are loose and the upper pockets stick out. The weird thing is I thought since these were advertised as men's pants, they wouldn't be shaped like that. I bought a size larger than I thought I needed and yet the waist was still snug. I bought the XXL and my waist is more narrow than my hips, but apparently not enough. I usually wear a 13 in the Wallflower brand jeans if that helps anyone get an idea. I will just have to keep searching for cargo pants that fit right. The only reason these got 3 stars even is because they did seem to be well made, thick material. I'll be returning these right away.

    Beloved Esmeralda

    Size a little big for large Color is good, seems the size is a little big for large, but it is still okay.

    Melville Martin

    Great for tye dying! Got really big for the kids to dye. Neither coyld wait until done to start wearing. It became and instant go to chill shirt

    Aileen Beneficient

    Great Fit,Great fit, great name brand, great price!

    Harris Winona

    use more money for the quality. this is not that good product. uncomfortable.

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