Two Piece Outfits for Women Long Sleeve Top Long Pants Sets Sexy Ladies Clubwear

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Two Piece Outfits for Women Long Sleeve Top Long Pants Sets Sexy Ladies Clubwear


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  • 88% Polyester, 12% Spandex
  • Imported
  • Women's Two piece Sets Jumpsuit Elegant ,the perfect choice for a perfect woman's wardrobe
  • Button closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Sexy outfit for women Features:Long sleeve shirt, bandage button down shirt with collar,High waist long legging Pants
  • 2 Piece Outfits for women will help you get lots of compliments,sexy and elegant.
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    Comments (38)

    Falcon Eldon

    Very long,I am 6’1” and wear a size 34x32 jeans these are about 3 inches to long. Without shoes I walk on the pants

    Kingly Anne

    matt s I like the pants but they were a little to loose for me I should've gotten a size smaller but good pants

    Lancelot Leanne

    Comfy af,They are nice and warm have them in 2 colors and I like both and would for sure recommend

    Renata Henrietta

    Comfy and Really dig this shirt. Feels comfy, looks good and it’s just right for those days when it’s around the 60’s outside. It feels good with or without an undershirt.

    Faithful Ernestine

    Comfort,All is fine ??

    Eva Heather

    nice pants for the money,These are pretty good for the price. they wash up nice, they will wrinkle if you leave them in the dryer to finish the full cycle. These are to some maybe a bit too "thin " material wise, but depends where you live whether they are " hot " or not. I did get one pair that the inner draw string was in the back instead of the front ( kind of weird ) but easy enough to manage around the flaw. all in all good for the price

    Henry Octavia

    Excellent,These pants fit as expected, are lightweight, well made, and work well for my quiet lifestyle. The price point fits my budget perfectly. If you plan rugged use for these pants you may need a heavier fabric, but - at this price point - you might consider trying these pants.

    Garth Beryl

    Sized inconsistenly,I have a pair of this exact product and exact size. Only difference is country of manufacture. This pair is at least one full size larger than the pair I have been wearing for a couple of years. Leg length is at least 4 inches longer than the pair I have been wearing. I want five more pair like the ones I bought a couple years ago.

    Honor Geneva

    Good quality great price,Good length and fit. Haven't washed yet if good will order another pair.

    Delmar Blair

    Wore these once and the fabric around the drawstring ripped ...,Wore these once and the fabric around the drawstring ripped off. Extremely thin and low quality fabric around the waistband/drawstring.

    Beauty Efrain

    Great sweatshirt!! Love it. I work and have to wear them all the time so being comfortable matters. They are soft and easy to work in.

    Trixie Gifford

    Good Nothing

    Essence Lacey

    Perfect lazy day or every day pants,These pants fit me perfect in the waist and in the lenfth and I am only 5 foot 1/2 inch tall. They are so comfy to wear out, and they have two side pockets, and a drawstring at waist should you need it. I liked them so much that I purchased them in black also, and then decided to buy another pair of each color. These are really great pants and really super comfy, and a great value for the money

    Philippa Marian

    Four Stars,good product.

    Imagine Henrietta

    Best price This was a best price buy. My husband is very happy with them.

    Butterfly Sean

    Size up for a looser fit I typically wear an xs-s. I ordered a small and it fits a little shorter than expected. Overall the sweater is nice and light and would recommended just know it’s fits close true to size

    Hadden Grain

    skimpy for the price. For the price paid I expected an outstanding product. This product was average.

    Leroy Magnus

    Perfect fit,Leisure.

    Alice Armed

    Looks great,Fits comfortably for the Links.

    Kingsley Nina

    Love these pants!,I was looking for tactical pants that would be loose fit on my wide legs.I ordered a different pair of CQR pants before which are ok but they size them in L/XL/XXL options for some reason instead of belt size like this version. Those were unfortunately a bit too baggy even for me which is astonishing. I perhaps ordered a size too big on those.These pants are just right. And they even have 2 very convenient extra pockets in the upper thigh area in front of the conventional front pockets. I can stuff pepper spray, a pocket knife, writing utensils/highlighters, extra magazine.Note that the Mag/Magazine version of pants only has the right side pocket slit in the thigh area. The left side is a horizontal angled pouch for gun mags I guess but it looks awkward so I don't buy that version.The waist is stretchy and comfy. Belt loops accommodate my nylon tactical belt easily.Only downside is that these aren't that breathable but then again many tactical pants aren't. I have 5.11 pants that don't breathe either. So definitely more suited for moderate to colder temperatures. Unless you don't really sweat in the legs like I do.One reviewer said the entry hole for the front pockets is too narrow and angled to the side. While I agree that it is a bit angled to the side, I can still pocket carry my Hellcat micro nine with a kydex pocket sheathe and draw it fine. Obviously something like an LCP Max would fit too.Great pants and I prefer these over 5.11 pants that taper at the ankle a bit too much for my liking.

    Angelica Mavis

    great quality and great fit,I wanted to get my husband a new pair of sweats to wear around the house and these were perfect. A more modern fit but not "skinny" like the kids wear. Great quality--I'll be buying him another pair.

    Forest Power

    Its Ok Not much to say, they are good quality cotton and are comfortable, the size fits well, although they differ from the traditional ones.

    Flower-Like Leanne

    They're comfy!,My son liked them!

    Shana Zoe

    Too small. Nice shirt, would’ve kept it, but just too small. I have broad shoulders and it wasn’t happening for me lol. Buttoned just fine but had I moved the wrong way I would’ve torn the back out

    Sterling Erik

    Just Right,For me, they are a little loose, but this is how I wanted them. That is why I ordered the Men's, because they are roomier. This is a very nice pair of pants for the price and you cannot go wrong with the brand name, Fruit of the Loom - very reputable. I plan on ordering the navy and black as well. I love sweat pants that are comfortable and long enough and have a wide enough cuff (not tight to the ankle) to go over the top of my support shoes. Good luck.

    Orlena Nina

    Better than most.,I got these in navy. I loved them so I got them in gray as well. Then I ordered them in stone, and black. These are some of the best fitting pants I have ever had. I love that they come in odd sizes. They are really comfortable and fit as expected. I wear them to work, I wear them for golf, and I wear them during around the house. You won't find better pants anywhere around $25. I am 6' and about 215, the 36x31 fit great.

    Tracy Rosanne

    Turn purple after 2 months,Looked and felt great at first, then quickly faded to a purple hue and lost their appearance. 2 months are not enough for a pair of pants.

    Graceful Hamlin

    It works, but not the best The neck hole is really tight on this one and slightly shorter than I would have liked, but comfortable nonetheless.

    Star Blair

    Good quality,Fit my waist perfectly

    Monica Supplanter

    Nice shirt and nice gift for my Son. Nice flannel shirt just the right thickness.

    Archer Travis

    Thick panes, not for summer,If you’re looking for thick joggers, go ahead. The quality is 3 stars at best.

    Gentle Keith


    Lizzie Melville

    Just Don't FEEL Right.,There's something wrong with the way these are cut. Not comfortable. Wouldn't buy again. In fact, I gave them to my wife for her to sleep in. Didn't like them at all.

    Faith Yvonne

    longer than normal one I used to wear for people who hit the gym the top is long, but suits the chest. Maybe all sizes should shut a little bit

    Optimistic Fedora

    Leisure shirt made for midgets small, small, small

    Horatio Blythe

    Great Great

    Errol Geneva

    WOW,this is nice ever pants i get , the size is fit and give me a nice looking , thanx

    Alexandra Lilly

    Love these shirts Love the quality of shirts and how comfortable it feels and more.

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