The Leopard Sherpa Teddy Bear Coat

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The Leopard Sherpa Teddy Bear Coat


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  • 100% Polyester
  • Machine Wash
  • 100% Polyester
  • Machine Wash Cold Gentle Cycle
  • Long Sleeve
  • Collar
  • Pockets
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    Murray Naomi

    Purple buffalo print This is a heavier duty material, maybe more for spring fall or cool evenings. Love the colors

    Paula Alanna

    Equal to the expensive brands,Fit as expected. Quality equal to the expensive brands.

    Russell Sharon

    They are well put together I love this shirt am look forwad to buying more of the .. the are good a warm perfect for Indiana winters

    Gemstone Elvira

    Really warm,Bought these for lounge wear but are so warm, I've worn them on the golf course.

    Honey Thalia

    Keep warm Good and warm

    Counsellor Wylie

    Five Stars My husband loved them! Perfect for skiing.

    Conqueror Trina

    Sizing I got one of these in an XL (I usually wear L in all shirts) and it fits perfectly. So I would advise getting the next size up from whatever you usually wear. Great sweatshirt though.

    Bianca Delmar

    Okay,For the short-waisted

    Light Kingly

    10/10 would buy again. super comfortable and weightless

    Dale Leonard

    Gigantic,While the price is attractive, the sizing is way off. The waist is fine but the legs are waaay too wide, and the length is too long. The cut of these sweats is unlike any Hanes I’ve ever bought in the past.

    Edmond Trixie

    Itchy,Itchy. 60% polyester/40% cotton. Wish it were reversed. Surprised to be disappointed with Russell Athletic.

    Prudent Russell

    Excelente calidad

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