Superdry Women's Colourblock Track Overhead

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Superdry Women's Colourblock Track Overhead


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  • 100% Cotton
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  • Pull On closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Superdry clothing is made with the right balance between style and comfort. We recommend a size larger than your usual brands for a true Superdry experience.
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    Comments (37)

    Rita Dwayne

    Goid shirt Good shirt

    Stephen Hayley


    Renfred Simone

    Cut small Bottom part of hoodie keeps rolling up. I hate that i have to keep pulling it down after every movement.

    Lois Rosemary

    Great shirt extremely well made Can’t say enough good things about this line of shirt. I own 6 of different colors. I found that the solid color shirts are much better made and different type material, last forever. So much so I bought 6 more in same colors just have them new again. Owned the originals for 4-5 years. Great product.

    Megan Idelle

    The colours are all my favourite!,Very soft but excellent quality in every stitch this is my second and it won't be my last..nice!!

    Grace Rebecca

    Great value! I like the timely delivery, fit color and warmth. That it can be worn alone or used as comfortable layering.

    Holy Moira

    Confey,Somewhat large but perfect for laying around them house.

    Honor Song-Thrush

    Perfect fit!,Fit great, very comfortable

    Nola Shelley

    Exactly as expected Nice fit

    Dion Millicent

    Comfy I ordered a men's size because I wanted it oversized, we ride on our golf cart around our farm every afternoon with our 2 little yorkies, ( they pout if they don't get a ride) and if it is very cold I snuggle my yorkies under the zipped up jacket with me, with just their heads sticking out the top.

    Faithful Church

    Perfect Fit is perfect and material is great

    Maggie Harvester

    Good quality Like the hoodie. Nice and thick, but a little tight around the neck.

    Belinda Vera

    The quality on these is really great for the price The quality on these is really great for the price. For me they they were sized appropriately as marked, but I ordered up a size as many of the reviews suggested so they were actually a bit too big. Combined with the fact that very soon after ordering these I lost some weight, I have not been able to comfortably wear these (even with a belt) so I can't talk about how well they hold up.

    Gwynne Blueberry

    Runs a bit small,I have ordered pants online recently- these are not the typical "M" Medium and were tight at the cuffs, slim fit throughout the thighs and would not fit the waist if I have a large meal.

    Udolf Handmaiden

    Need a larger Size,Too small and short. Need a men's medium

    Maiden Keely

    No Pockets,Really wish they had pockets.

    Washington Stefan

    Three Stars,How can I contact the supplier? This one is splitting at the seams.

    Beloved Simon

    It’s big It’s big.. but that’s how I wanted it. These are my absolute favorite sweatshirts. I’m so glad Amazon Carrie’s them! They are soft and so comfy! The PNW calls for sweaters on the daily… even in June.. and sometimes August so that’s what my closet consists of…. A ton of sweaters and sweatshirts!

    Herbert Riley

    Very good quality and great fit,They’re very comfortable and soft

    Landry Dexter

    Comfy,Son loved them,ordered more for Xmas

    Alina Pamela

    Love it ??

    Emrick Paul

    Excellent,Comfortable for laying around the house

    Wendy Oswald

    Comfy!!,Very comfortable. Definitely would recommend!! Great bang for your buck!!

    Martin Vera

    Great quality for a great price I love these flannel shirts - I received one as a bridesmaid gift and quickly ordered 3 more along with a few others as christmas gifts. They look great paired with another shirt underneath or all alone. The fabric is SUPER thick and great quality. There are button ties to cinch the side and roll the sleeves back. (The sleeves have a nice, thick cuff which helps with rolling if that's your thing.) It does shrink a bit after washing but the after fit is as-expected (which is what ya want.) They wrinkle up after coming out of the dryer and need to be ironed 90% of the time prior to wear. Awesome quality for great price coming from a cheap-o!

    Kara Rhett

    Have reordered several times for my husband.,True to size and doesn't shrink in wash.

    Fairfax Marta

    Ran very small,I received the clothing timely and they were good quality. However the sizing was very off. I ordered a 3X, and it was much closer to being a large. Did not fit but I kept and gave to someone else.

    Kay Leanne

    Great shirt Great shirt. Longer than I expected

    Sapphire Warlike

    Very comfortable! Love it. Love it.

    Zoe Moorish

    Nice fit,Warm weight, perfect length and not baggy, just right.

    Blooming Sparkling

    FAKE SWEATSHIRT DO NOT BUY!!! Fake sweatshirt. I have the same one I bought from a real retailer and the quality and look are miles apart.

    Millicent Amaryllis

    Little better quality than expected,Little better quality than expected, recent negative reviews did not jive with my experience. Would purchase again with no hesitation.

    Wilona Sorrow

    look good,comfy

    Louisa Valda

    Fits Well but no pockets!!,Fits Well but no pockets!!

    Kelsey Elmer

    Longer than expected,Good lightweight pants. Husband had surgery on leg needed something comfortable to wear around the house. Ordered gray and black. The black ones were too long, so I hemmed them. Now they are perfect.

    Marian Vigour

    NO POCKETS!!!!!,Great but no pockets. The pic makes it look like they have em.

    Medwin Lambert

    Nice t shirts Nice t shirts. Fits to size. A bit thin

    Quimby Blanche

    Good for the price,Was perfect for the price, fit as expected.

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