SIWY Women's Candy

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SIWY Women's Candy


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  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in US
  • Button closure
  • Machine Wash
  • The waistband is removed after wash to add a contemporary edge to all time favorite.
  • Jacket w/ cut out elbows
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    Comments (18)

    Miriam Nadine

    Waist is smaller than I expected,My husband wears a large but these are tight. But when I checked the chart, I saw they run a couple inches smaller than other brands. My error! Nice quality.

    Peace Female

    Poor quality,They fit perfectly and are quite comfy. However, after only 1 wash, the fabric is piling and I can see the material is thinner (think of the material as becoming more see-through.) I noticed one of the seams is already torn around the waistband as well, even though I've only worn them around the house and have done no physical activity in them (running, yard work, etc.) I bought another pair in a different color. If those hold up better I will leave a positive review on that item, if not, I'll be leaving a similar review. Best to spend a bit more money on higher quality items that will last a lot longer.

    Dependable Humphrey

    Completely worth the price. The hoodie is thick enough not to be flimsy. I like it around the house on a cold day and under a jacket outside.

    Felix Whitney


    Jerome Kathleen

    Perfect for sublimation If you are looking for a decent priced sweatshirt for sublimation printing, this is it! It took the color so well. The price is amazing, and the fit is just as expected. Very soft and cozy. I ordered 1
    size up from my usual size for a baggy fit.

    Timekeeper Industrious

    Good quality based on the pair you buy,I bought 2 pairs, 1 grey and q black. The gray pair i bought for my son and it had Great quality and VERY soft. I washed and air dried, with no issues. The black pair i bought for daughter in a small and it was tight on her hips and she has none. It was too slim fitting and she's 13 with no curves. Not sure why same brand fits soo different.

    Iris Titus

    No more Dockers when I am at home,Use it all day long... just bought another.

    Vandal Ely

    You get what you pay for. Cheap Basic sweat pants,These are basic sweats. No pockets. A little bit on the small side (I ordered a size bigger than normal and it should be way too big). Leg end has elastic band and I missed that ordering as I searched for open leg.

    Gift-Brave Sparkling

    Quality and price As expected

    Elena Valley

    inferior quality - elastic is loose very disappointed with these briefs. have always bought Hanes but could not find them currently.

    Roger Kelsey

    Crappiest sweat pants I have ever bought.,Crappiest sweat pants I have ever bought. The cloth is thin, the legs are way to long. the elastic while presents is so lose it does nothing. The waist is fine but the legs are around 2 feet longer then my legs and I am 6'1". The elastic on the ankles are so lose that bottoms slipped down under the heal of my sneakers. You know like normal pants that need to be hemmed. While obiviously new the cloth is thin. Feels about the same thickness of sweats that are around 10 years old.This is the 1st time I bought sweat pants on line I normally buy them at neighborhood discount stores. Lately they have become few and far between. So here I am. With that said I have low expectation on sweat pants. These fall far below that. I bough 4 pair to wear at the gym, they are being returned.

    Francesca Shirley

    Five Stars,Comfortable

    Commander Keegan

    Great purchase! Very soft, comfortable, & fairly lightweight

    James Delmar

    Love them, I bought 6 pairs,I hope they never stop making these, I’ve bought 6 pairs so far

    Lisa Constant

    not what I ordered,These are shiny and were extremely wrinkled and had no tags so pretty sure they sent me pre-worn item.

    Elijah Supplanter

    Zipper broke,I bought 4 of these pants about a year ago and the zippers all broke. Would not recommend at all. They fit alittle big but are comfortable.

    Haley Prosperous

    No??/bag - plastic w/label. See threw packaging I get it, great to choose what item to steal,Ok I like the Brand, but what gives. See threw packaging. Asif there's not enough thefts trying to rob others mail out there. Now you make it a bonus for them. Anyone can be tempted. Thanks/ NotThe pockets didn't line up inside. Wish it would have been sewn better.

    Derek Jeremy

    super comfortable!,love the color, fit &feel. exceeded my expectations

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