Show Me Your Mumu Women's Jacket

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Show Me Your Mumu Women's Jacket


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  • 100% Acrylic
  • Imported
  • Tie closure
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Faux fur
  • Fully lined
  • Pockets
  • Tie belt included
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    Comments (21)

    Constant Gerard

    Size fit It was fine

    Olin Warlike

    Comfy but baggy,Good quality track pants, however its a bit too retro, baggy...should be more of a slimmer fit.

    Tara Louis

    Consistent sizing and super comfortable I got these for my son who sweats like a pig but burns easily. He loves them and unlike a lot of other multipacks, each color fit the same. They wash well, even in hot water to get out his stink, and dry up nice. They are a staple in his wardrobe.

    Kate Ruler

    Five Stars,okokokokokoko

    Tatum Swift

    Waste of Money,Major pilling after 2 days. These are going back. Never even washed em. Sad, because I really loved them for 2 days. Buy anything else.

    Hazel Fairfax

    Lightweight and soft Very soft and was perfect to tie dye

    Riley Lamont

    Great quality,I love their clothing products. Prefer over other more expensive brands. Their pants have lasted me longer then 5’11 and other brands

    King Oriel

    Fit true to size,Great for snow boarding

    Zebediah Simon

    Great purchase!,Perfect fit for my husband. He loved them for having pockets and I loved the price!

    Silas Merle

    Like it,Fits right

    Loyal Karen

    Would buy again,I like the fit. Excellent for cold winter evenings.

    Vaughan Elliott

    They Feel Nice!,Heavy enough for elderly man to wear in public.

    Wanderer Keely

    Three Stars I am a 34 and ordered a 36. They just fit me

    Fern Nathan

    Seams Unravel Seams unraveled after just a few washings.

    Seymour Denley

    Consider sizing. My husband is kind of in-between XL and 2X, depending on shirt and brand.
    Usually with button ups like this, he goes to 2x, so that's what we ordered.

    He was drowning in the 2x.
    Quality was good otherwise.

    Bess Roy

    Disappointing Very disappointed in the product I received. Material very light weight with skinny legs and about 6" too long. Who would want pants to fit so tight that you can't move freely or wear anything under them to add warmth. I think I will return these and find something else.

    Isaac Interpreter

    Winter Workout,My gym is across the street. I don't want to change into workout clothes once I get there. These sweatpants have a good fit and keep me warm outside . They are comfortable and don't irritate when running on the treadmill. I will definitely buy more in different colors next time.

    Liza Grain

    Five Stars,Good fit.

    Hope Luther

    Underwear Good

    Mary Ferris

    they are great. Material is thick,No front pockets (minus 1 star). Other than that, they are great. Material is thick, heavy, durable.

    Hadley Leon

    Good deal Ordered a XL because I wanted it to cover more. Very comfortable.

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