SheIn Women's Long Sleeve Full Zip Thumb Hole Fitted Sports Jacket

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SheIn Women's Long Sleeve Full Zip Thumb Hole Fitted Sports Jacket


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  • 94% Nylon, 6% Spandex
  • Zipper closure
  • Super soft and lightweight fabric, some stretch
  • Features: stand collar, raglan sleeve, zipper front, casual sport jacket
  • Perfect for gym, running, exercise, fitness, outdoor, walking, cycling and other sport activities
  • Great to match with sport bra, sweatpants, tank, leggings, joggers
  • Please kindly refer to our last image to choose which size will fit you best
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    Comments (26)

    Silver Sandra

    Fit Great!,I love the consistency of Russell products.

    Jennifer Pamela

    Way Longer than They Say,I got these because it was hard to find XXL joggers that were short enough for me. And, after buying these, I am still looking. I looked at the size chart and these were supposed to have a 31" inseam which is my size, but they were easily 35 or 36" long.

    Zea Hall

    Gift,Its a gift

    Vania Godwin

    Joggers,Good quality

    Jeffrey Hazel

    Back pocket is a plus,My Husband loves these sweatpants

    Teresa Mandy

    Used as seat covers. Great hoodies for what I needed them for. I use them to cover my leather seats so my kids don’t put their feet on my seats. Old truck I learned owning a jeep.

    Wyman Esmeralda

    comfortable,Fits very well and is comfortable

    Wide Opal

    Comfy hoodie Wrist hole is tighter than usual
    Neck hole is regular fit

    Angela Eli

    Watch how you watch it. It fit as it should

    Harmony Edward

    Waist is huge,Waist is huge they won't stay up. The longer you wear the bigger they get. Big floppy legs. I returned both pairs

    Conqueror Kilian

    Beautiful shirt I love this shirt! Received it yesterday and had to try it on. It will be a long time until October before I finally wear it! Nice soft material, and somewhat large, which is a good thing, considering you will most likely have a base layer underneath, plus it gives you room to move. One thing I hate is a shirt that pulls at your sides or elbows when you are trying to move. This is a handsome flannel shirt, and the corduroy cuffs add a nice touch.

    Wendy Agnes

    I live in these things...,Just what I expected -- of course, I've bought them and loved them before, so I knew what to expect. Basically, I live in these things :-)

    Jemima Blind

    Very satisfied Great price. Good quality

    Marc Godly

    Would not fit I want a refund

    Michael Mary

    Three Stars,Not great quality

    Nerissa Frida

    Bottom is not open,I bought these because it looks like the bottom is open rather than bunched up like most sweats, this is not the case. There is elastic where your feet go thru and the opening is about the size a small ankle.

    Imogene Archer

    Sweatpants like all the others.,Used to hang around house and be confortable!

    Ezra Egil

    Good,Got these for my son he fits mean small

    Juliet Enoch

    Great Buy,Fit perfect, nice pants! Soft,comfy and pockets ??

    Lucia Maia

    Nice shirt Fits to size

    Maureen Page

    Soft and comfortable,Very soft and comfortable. Your not going to win any beauty contests in them. They are grey sweat pants also known as “gave up on life pants” but they are great PJ pants. I loveTo wear these after work.

    Meris Simon

    Buy your actual size. Good quality Love all the pockets! Buy your actual size. Roomy. Good quality.

    Dalton Kara

    Other than constant 'pilling' these are great.,Been using Russell sweats for years and am generally pleased with them. My only issue is that the insides constantly pill. These pills get all over my bathroom rug when I put them on or take them off.

    Leanne Graham

    Worst purchase on Amazon Please do not buy this item as it’s a use and have a lot vodka holes in it. Had to get a refund as this was a huge disappointment ????I wish there was a no start button. People please be aware

    Sheridan Rhea

    Comfy, with big pockets,These fit really well. They are incredibly comfy and have nice, big pockets, like most MEN'S pants. Why do I need to buy men's pants for that?This product is worth the money. Probably more of a 4.5, but I rounded up.

    Angela Victoria

    Fast order,Perfect fit in the waste but just a little long. Nice buy though for the price

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