RVCA womens Foss Denim Overall


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RVCA womens Foss Denim Overall


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  • 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane
  • Imported
  • Button closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Woven stretch overall with adjustable straps, front zip and button closure and slash pockets at the hip
  • Also features zips at the ankle for a skinnier leg
  • Comes in an all over stripe
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    Comments (33)

    Forbes Zelene

    Very disappointed,Very disappointed they was to small and had marks on them I would like a new pair sent out

    Nourishing Jasmine

    As advertised.,It was exactly what I needed.

    Chief Gladys

    Very comfortable,Very comfortable. The size was as Advertise!

    Walter Harley

    Too loose,Too loose for size 30. Good material.

    God-like Anastasia

    Good fit,Picked these out for my dad. Easy to get on and off.

    Wise Luminous

    Fits well. No sagging.,These pants are perfect. I had surgery and need something easy to wear that looked good. The fit the bill. The pant legs are loose and straight and the waistband is comfortable. The material is thick and durable yet cool.

    Janice Georgia

    Five Stars,great for after surgery wear

    Griswald Timothy

    Good fit. A little thicker than normal golf pants.,I use these pants for work. Great fit. Rubberized waistband keeps the shirt from untucking. Material is a little thicker than your normal golf pants.

    Eileen Owner

    Good for what I needed.. I wear undershirts with my work polos, and they always shrink up and won't stay tucked in after a couple of washes. After trying several different brands, I picked these up to see how they would do. After a warm wash, and a hot dry, they shrank up A LOT as expected with cotton shirts, but they are still long enough that they stay tucked in! They are slightly fitted, which is what I prefer, and kind enough to not come untucked and get bunched up under my tucked in polo. They ended up being perfect for what I need. I'm 5'9 and I have a mostly athletic build, with a slight dad bod mixed in, and I ordered a large, which fits perfect!

    Juliana Bettina

    Good for running, beatdowns, around the house,Tapered modern look. Thin’ish material so good for running or other outdoor athletics from mid-20s to upper 50’s without getting too hot or cold. Light weight and in no way bulky. Almost a mesh material so very breathable too.

    Fedora Selena

    FUZZ BALLS ALL OVER,After one wear, Fuzz balls ALL OVER these pants! Literally all over. One wear! Unless you want to wear these once and throw them in the trash (like I did) find a different pair!

    Kelsey Marta

    Boyfriend loved them! Says they are super warm Bought these for my boyfriend who works in the cold snow sometimes and he was able to wear them under work clothes and said they were VERY warm and comfortable.

    Harry Tower

    not pants. This is a shirt,The picture isn't correct. These are SUPPOSED to be sweat PANTS!! and navy. What came was a gray shirt with the campion logo across the chest. So... this is a totally wrong item!! so becareful!

    Constant Powerful

    Decent,Cheap but no pockets

    Phineas Wanda

    Perfect! Perfect sweatshirt. Would maybe size up 1 size if you like your sweatshirts to fit a little loose. Not a super heavy material but so comfortable and soft.

    Dale Wyman

    warm,warm and comfortable

    Mora Articulate

    ,Producto perfecto

    Enoch Eudora

    WARM,I don't ski. I only bought these as a nice option for wet, colder weather. They do the trick. They fit me just right - purposefully tighter around the calves, I think, which is good. Everything about these pants are nice. The fleece is soft and cozy. They are quite warm. These are not for just cool temps, but definitely for colder.

    Egbert Iver

    Short in length The only issue i have with this sweater is that its
    short in length, other than that it feels soft and comfortable

    Marissa Stuart

    Papa Smerf sez….,No pockets???

    Graham Sigmund

    As expected,Old-school loose sweatpants I was looking for to lounge around in.

    Fourth Commander

    As advertised Worth the price.

    Luciana Dutiful

    3xl must run small Ordered a 2xl for my oldest son when he was in the middle school and it still fits. At 19 he's a little over six feet tall and a rather big guy who has been wearing 3xl's, so that's what I ordered this time. It was a bit too small. ??

    Gilda Linette

    Good It’s okay

    Toby Jacob

    Comfy & Worth the Buy Super soft hoodie that isn’t too heavy but not too light for Colorado weather. I’m currently wearing it and do so often that it’s in every load of laundry I do. I ordered 3 sizes up for a large fit and it’s so comfy. Plus it’s super cheap but you can’t tell by the material.

    Hamlin Wide

    Nice pair of sweats,I like these pair of sweats as they are comfy and simple. I’m a woman and I like wearing these because they come in larger than usual women sizes. My husband likes them too since they fit just right and go just a little past the ankles

    Merle Geraldine

    High quality, perfect fit This is the best sweatshirt that I have ever owned. The quality is greater than expected. I especially like how they have tall sizes because it is always hard for me to find clothes that fit. I am 6'4 and 220 pounds and got the large/tall option and it fits perfectly. Highly recommend!

    Famous Harold

    No give/stretch at all The material has no stretch in it at all. Would not buy again.

    Max Grover

    Great sweats, makes a happy hubby,I purchased these sweatpants to replace a 10 year old pair. My husband wears his sweats after work and weekends around the house. He is 6’2 weighs 180. I ordered size large. They fit exactly like his other ones. They have enough length, but do not drag on the floor. The sweats are roomy, and the material is soft and warm. They arrived on time.

    Industrious Verda

    these pants are dope fit nice, not so baggy you feel like you're trapped in the 90's but also fit like MEN's pants should fit, as opposed to this increasingly annoying trend of uncomfortably tight tampered pants that feel like hosiery.

    Flourishing Shamus

    No Headline,No Review

    Gale Willa

    they are great. Material is thick,No front pockets (minus 1 star). Other than that, they are great. Material is thick, heavy, durable.

    Gillian Ophelia

    Cozy and Soft Sweat pants,Good and warm sweat pants. These are the perfect sweat pants I have been looking for. They are cozy and soft. Highly recommend.

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