PUMA Women's Essentials Windbreaker, White, Small


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PUMA Women's Essentials Windbreaker, White, Small


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  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Zipper closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Regular Fit
  • rainCELL: Technical material constructed to keep you dry
  • windCELL: Technical material constructed and engineered to help protect against windy conditions
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    Comments (12)

    Henry Lovely

    Poor Drawstring Design on 3xl,Bought this in a 3xl. Instead of the drawstring being connected all around, with a tie in front, it was sewn into the back seam on either side.The very first time they were put on and cinched up, the drawstring snapped on the back of one side. Since it's SEWN INTO THE BAND, I was unable to thread it back in via the safety pin method. I'm left with a useless pair of pants that can't be tied or held up.They were otherwise comfortable though, that one design flaw notwithstanding.

    Theodore Respected

    Comfortable relaxing pants,Extremely comfortable, doesn’t stretch very well. Really warm and feels good on the skin

    Valerie Weary

    Five Stars,My husband liked them

    Katherine Queenie

    Eh The cloth is the texture I figured it was and I enjoy it, it fits nicely and came wrinkle free. My only down side are the buttons and how they were sowed on. The moment I put it on and started to button up the sleeve cuffs after rolling them up I lost a button. Also bent down to pick something up and also lost another button. Also I ordered a Medium and I’m not that very big just broad shoulders and wide chest

    Harriet Wealthy

    Far too small Too small

    Bianca Glorious

    Best white t's Thick

    Justin Jennifer

    Nice quality Very nice shirts and on time delivery

    Meris Samantha

    Cheap price but more. I like this hoodie, not too heave and not too light. Somewhere in between. Color does not fade after wash. It’s not pricey but it does not look like it’s cheap material.

    Fighter Solomon

    Great fit. Love the length Absolutely love the fit. It’s loose and long enough

    Keaton Trevor

    Pilly Pants Blues,I bought these sweats for my husband because I have some for many yrs that have really stood up to the test of time, & have never had an issue with pilling. These pants pilled up right away, even before the first washing, so I was very disappointed with the quality I've come to expect with RA.

    Alma Seth

    Fits well and very comfortable Absolutely would recommend these. Extremely comfortable and nice support.

    Georgiana Morris

    Uuhm these a bang not for the buck!,Don’t be fooled inside these are not south pole clothing! These are tight and cheap made. Buyer do beware.

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