Mountain Warehouse Featherweight Womens Winter Down Gilet -Bodywarmer

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Mountain Warehouse Featherweight Womens Winter Down Gilet -Bodywarmer


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  • 100% Nylon
  • Water resistant - Treated with Durable Water Repellent, droplets will bead and roll off the fabric
  • Lightweight - Great for travelling, comfortable to wear and easy to pack
  • Fill Power Rating 600 - Higher rating, the more air trapped per ounce of down allowing better insulation
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    Comments (33)

    Effie Kenyon

    Four Stars,very comfortable.

    Fairfax Eleanor

    Perfect workout pants!,Absolutely perfect fit all around!

    Prosperous Rupert

    ,La talla es la correcta, es de buena apariencia, pero tenía arrugas y es poco elástico.

    Wesley Dark

    Very comfortable,I like the way they fit and the draw string helps if their to lose. The length is just right.

    Listener Lois

    Mix Match Orders I choose this rating because I order khaki and they sent me brown pants. Costumer Service isn't very good and not only that they didn't want me to leave this rating because it was a 1 star rating. The buttons aren't well put together and after getting over the fact that they were the wrong color, the material isn't well put together. Nice. Not.

    Mercy Solomon

    Love them, will get more,I absolutely love them, the fell and durability are great.

    Marcus Millicent

    Quality base layers. Very soft and comfortable.

    Harvester Troy

    These pants do not have pockets.,As I mentioned, this product does not have pockets and is not what I had expected. I do wear them when running to the store and the no pocket issue renders them useless to me.

    Kingly Renfred

    Black Great fit and thick material.

    Elbert Wilona

    One Star,I have bought this size previously and someone labeled this item incorrectly. Way too small. Very unhappy!!!

    Sorrowful Vera

    Great price. Excellent for lounging etc.,Great deal on these. Perfect for lounging etc. Fit as expected. Well made and the sewing is good.

    Imogene Drew

    Meh. Save your money and buy something else Thin material. Not soft and fluffy like hoodies usually are when you first buy them, but stiff and scratchy like they are when youve washed them a bunch. Not a horrible hoodie but not a very good one either.

    Wyatt Rhett

    Good fit,Ok

    Conqueror Noel

    Good for casual wear,Great to find a pair of pants I can wear. Comfortable and love the pockets.

    Shamus Praised

    SO SOFT,Love these. So comfy!

    Kim Seymour

    Every thing was great.... until the firs wash.

    Cunning Tatum

    Great Product! Lover these things, especially now that summer is here

    Nessa Lester

    Well made Very warm

    Trista Flora

    perfect fit,feels comfortable and was a good fit

    Wealthy Thora

    Large,Larger than i thought

    Healthy Edeline

    Average,Too big

    Attendant Fair-Haired

    Perfect,Very comfortable and soft, excellent quality

    Winona Lee

    Sizing is inconsistent,The pants are really nice but I have a pink pair and a grey pair, both large and the grey ones are considerably tighter. Other than that, solid gym pants

    Karen Lambert

    If you want comfort,Luv them

    Ramsey Adrienne

    After buying 1 pair, my husband went back and ordered 3 more. They are my husbands favorite new pants. All the guys in his circle of friends keep asking him where he got them.

    Theodora Mavis

    Terrible size issues.,Price reflects what you get. The material is satisfactory. The sizing is rediculous. I at 5’10” 150lbs, ordered size medium. Mistake. What I got was marked medium but looked more like 2XL. I’ll be sending this product back.

    Fiery Kingsley

    Great,Is great material and fits well

    Eaton Bernadette

    super comfy and cute nice

    Counsellor Alison

    Very thin, but good for the price This is a very thin hoodie, but very soft and comfortable. Good for the price!

    Conqueror Thalia

    Fit the first time! Love this Carhartt hoodie. Very durable construction, but hey, it's Carhartt! I was nervous about the fit because their jackets traditionally run HUGE, which i also have. This 3xl fit me just how i wanted it too....loose but not baggy. It doesn't just hang over my pant pockets. But has enough room to easily wear a t-shirt underneath with wiggle room.
    I am 6'2" 275 lbs for reference. So, to answer your follow-up question---yes, I 'm working on it!!

    Trevor Leo

    Not worth it The sweater shrunk and doesn't fit well. I had high hopes, but it was awful quality

    Half-Dane Geneva

    Love it! Comfortable and roomy Love it! Comfortable and roomy!

    Kirby Sally

    Nice,It fits as it should. It's nice and thin.

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