Mountain Khakis Women's Wanderlust Fleece Vest

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Mountain Khakis Women's Wanderlust Fleece Vest


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  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Zipper closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Package length: 11.2 cm
  • Package width: 17.5 cm
  • Package height: 30.2 cm
  • Package quantity: 1
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    Comments (25)

    Kurt Warrior

    Nice Nice

    Beverly Trista

    Not bad but short. Not bad for the price. A little short p

    Famous Herman

    Good,Good price. Comfortable.

    Mavis Powerful

    Comfortable,Love the fit and comfort of these pants.

    Meadow Pleasure


    Anastasia Moorish

    More dress slack than golf pants.,Well, I thought I was purchasing a pair of pants for playing golf. Something light and stretchy. Instead, they are not really different from the pants I wear for office work. So, while they can work on the links if it's cooler out, it wasn't what I expected. In the end, I simply have another pair of pants for work.

    Imogen Brina

    Great fit Got this for my son for Christmas and he loves it. Fits as expected.

    Rosalind Leanne

    My marriage is on fire!!!!,If you need that spark back in your marriage, these are the grey sweatpants for you! Drive the wife wild with these! I love me some grey sweatpants season! This is the pair of grey sweatpants that every husband should have. They look comfortable for as long as they last on my husband. And if you really want to get her, size down!!!! They are super soft to the touch - inside and out! Soft enough to go without boxer briefs. I encourage my husband to do just this. Truly, these are a win-win for husband, wife and the marriage as a whole.

    Joseph Trustworthy

    They shrink Best to buy the larger size or wash cold dry cool

    Lombard Harry

    Comfortable,Use them as a hang around the house pants. comfortable

    Kevin Fern

    Great shirt! Amazing shirt! Got it for my brother for Christmas and he LOVES it. His favorite part is the corduroy lining at the wrists and in the collar. He has pretty long arms so they are just a little short on him but not too bad.

    Katrina Lauren

    The weakest elastic on the waist,The pants drop off. Weak elastic on waist. A string is an antiquated way of holding up pants

    Youthful Gresham

    ,Mido 1.80 y peso como 190libras la talla L me quedo perfecta. El material es muy bueno. Me llegó hasta Ecuador.

    Muriel Zebadiah

    Comfortable, Good Fit, But 'Just OK' Quality,The medium size fit me (6' 1", 185 lb) well; I would have liked maybe another half inch of length, but that's a nitpick. The material is soft and the fit is nice and loose but not baggy. The only downside is that after only 2 washes it has started to pill in a few places. Not a problem for relaxing around the house. If that's what you're looking for, then these are great.

    Fairfax Max

    Five Stars,Very nice, good price.

    Lincoln Humble

    pants,The fabric is soft and comfortable. However, it is not what I consider "fleece" weight. If the description did not say fleece then I would not recognize it as fleece fabric.

    Elaine Madeline

    Love it Great shirt

    Erika Sloane

    Legendary Whitetails Camp Flannel Shirt Bought for son as gift. He loves it. Being from California can wear like a sweater over any shirt or tee shirt.

    Stewart Mabel

    Comfortable,I'm a woman so they may not fit like they would fit a male body, but they're very roomy and comfortable. a few criticisms are that the fabric pills easily and the drawstrings don't seem very long and feel like they could get sucked into the wasteband.

    Joyce Wallace

    Pleased Hubby This is my husbands go to hooded sweatshirt.

    Tyler Elfin

    Super comfy,Very comfortable fabric, keeps my son nice and cozy!

    Kelvin Trustworthy

    5’1 155lbs DDD (ordered medium size) I am 5’1 155lbs & wear a 34 DDD. Weird to put my bra size but I know when I was looking in the comments I was hoping someone had mentioned bra size so I could get a better idea on size to order. I ended up going with a medium which fit just like a medium would. It’s not too tight on the chest area but not lose what’s so ever. If you like a more loose fitting a size large would be the best option. The sleeves are long but that’s fine. I gave 4 stars because it’s a good black color and soft on the inside feels just like crew necks you can buy at Wal Mart. Kind of cheap but decent. Also not a jacket that would keep you very warm if it gets cold during winter in your area.

    Blueberry Edlyn

    Fit great.,Fit was great and they look great as well. I am really enjoying the product.

    Kendrick Hanley

    Doesn't shrink up Like fit on son

    Hugo Neville

    Very Comfortable Hoodie Szn

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