Michael Michael Kors Women's Dark Moss 3/4 Down Puffer Coat Moss Faux Fur Hood B74


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Michael Michael Kors Women's Dark Moss 3/4 Down Puffer Coat Moss Faux Fur Hood B74


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  • Faux Fur
  • 3/4 Length
  • 2 Front Pockets
  • Faux fur trim on hood
  • Gold Hardware
  • Down Fill
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    Comments (21)

    Ferris Harold

    Good fit but only for winter weather,Excellent fit & good looking pants for winter season only.

    Vance Violet

    Good Good

    Irvin Dermot

    quality,I was very impressed with the quality of this item, so much so that I ordered another pair for my husband. Not only do they fit well, but they look very nice, and he loves that they are comfortable to wear.

    Light Alina

    Favorite Brand I have been meaning to get a brighter color hooded sweat jacket for this Autumn, and this fulfills my purposes excellently!

    Jemima Godfrey

    Light weight Work

    Simone Zoe

    Somewhat larger in the waist than expected, but will ...,Somewhat larger in the waist than expected, but will use anyway. Heavy fabric, seems week made. Will wait to wash to see if they shrink.

    Gardener Sirena

    Importantly it no riding up Fits really good

    Bound Island

    Nice and confortable,Very nice but did have a couple of black spots on the right upper leg

    Sabrina Lilah

    Everything’s Great…Except the Durability They fit well and look nice, but after 3 weeks of use and normal washing/drying the stitching is already coming out, and it’s happening to all of them (bought a pack of 6).

    Elga Kara


    Estelle Kerwin

    Perfect fit! Perfect fit.

    Mavis Alanna

    Comfortable and windproof,My husband is 6'4" slender guy with long legs and so it is a challenge to find well-fitting slacks. at 36-33 these are perfect! He loves to golf in them. They don't wrinkle or sag, but they do stretch just a bit and are windproof. I need to find another color now.

    Sheila Gerret

    Great products For work to keep warm. Work nights

    Egbert Grateful

    Cotton/Cotton/Cotton! Yeah!!! Shirt girth is perfect for XL belly. Thanks for being there! I bought 5 of these and 10 round neck! Cotton is wonderful!!

    Jarvis Norseman

    Too small,Too small and they shrunk after first wash

    Butterfly Handsome

    Just as advertised,I love it. Champion is consistent quality

    Bright Rhoda

    Made for people with no ass,Too small in the butt. No stretch

    Beatrix Joy

    Great snow pants!,They fit great and look cool

    Orva Molly

    Great for outdoor work,Very durable, fit perfect, would highly recommend for tough outdoor work

    Joshua Shelley

    I was both impressed and depressed Why you ask? I love the shirt. It feels thick and made of good material. It fits great! It's just like any shirt I'd expect to buy from any major retailer. So why am I depressed? Cause I've been spending 3 times the price on shirts like this all my life. Why am I'm only now finding out about these?

    Reginald Famous

    Warm and comfortable,Wanted something warm and comfortable and this works. It is to early to speak of lasting quality. I like them a lot.

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