Lucky Brand Women's Cut Off Denim Trucker Jacket

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Lucky Brand Women's Cut Off Denim Trucker Jacket


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  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Button closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Button Front
  • Two Chest Pockets
  • Cut Off Hem
  • Denim Trucker Jacket
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    Comments (17)

    Dexterous Thalia

    Shrinks a lot I returned these shirts. My husband is small. Very skinny. He always wears a medium shirt, and they hang on him. We got these, they fit fine, then I washed them. Same as any other t-shirt I've ever washed. They shrunk to a boy's size, unwearable for my skinny husband.

    Maxine Orlantha

    Material is not good To large

    Ariana Miles

    Trashy,The picture looks a lot nicer than what I received. Very disappointed with what I got. Would return but easier to just throw away. Only $13, but still a giant rip off

    Derwin Imogene

    Wonderfully Soft and Comfortable This shirt is made out of a heavy material and the fit is perfectly on-size. Most importantly, the shirt is remarkably soft and comfortable. I love it and my girlfriend likes it even more. Highly recommended.

    Flourishing Forest

    Great product for your money!!!,Finally a pair of sweat pants that fit me.. I am 6' 225 lbs and these fit great and are really comfortable.I ordered a large and the length fit great too.

    Gillian Riley

    Cottony comfortable,Best for daily wear

    Meadow Elaine

    Gifted Bought as gift, fits perfect. Great price!

    Julia Dexter

    Its good,It fit good , but it was to swag for me. I thought they would be for sleeping but theyre actually for dancers , like the ones you see break dancers use.

    Darcy Compassionate

    Great sweater I really liked this sweater. I purchased a M and it fits perfectly. It didn’t fade after washing and it doesn’t collect lint. Would recommend

    Leigh Wayne

    nice quality,great quality name brand at an awesome price!!!

    Quinby Lively

    Nice Nice lol

    Prudence Lilah

    Comfy,Bought these for my son to wear for XC he isn’t much of a sweats kinda guy and he likes them. He says they are comfortable

    Wealthy Rupert

    A little on the cheap side,Pants arrived fast and fit well but are already tearing out at the seams. Might have to try a different brand next time.

    Grover Olaf

    Really comfortable,Good material really comfortable

    Harold Warren

    It fits a lil snug but not too bad.. I got a 3x and im a bigger guy. It fits a lil snug but not too bad.... it could be longer though. You guys need a 3XLT for us over 6'3 bruthas lol... other than that its good. Its not to heavy and its not too thin.

    Kiefer Conqueror

    Garbage,The pockets suck ! everytime you sit down, everything falls out of the pockets, time after time so annoying

    Jeremy Todd

    good pants Excellent workmanship and material. Much better quality than I expected. A bit tight, but still quit comfortable. I probably should've listened and bought 1 size larger. I'm thinking of buying another pair.

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