Le Suit Women's 2 Button Crepe Notch Collar Slim Pant Suit


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Le Suit Women's 2 Button Crepe Notch Collar Slim Pant Suit


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  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Button closure
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Two button
  • Notch collar
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    Comments (15)

    Josephine Exalted

    Summer Sweatpants,Very nice but thin material. It is perfect for summertime.Have not washed yet. Dont know shrinkage.

    Louisa Wendy

    Highly recommended. Amazingly comfortable fabric in a sturdy set of Cargo pants. Highly recommended. It's funny how some claim the fabric is too thick and others too thin. Maybe it's the different styles? I got the 'Army Green' style

    But then again, one reviewer complied about characteristics that are clearly stated in the description and presented in photos: e.g. 'there are too many straps' and 'it's loose at the waist'.

    These Cargo pants are not your statement 'Dockers' type of 'dress' Cargo pants meant for show, not so much 'go'.. Maybe some of the variants above are more for the style aspect. There's nothing wrong with that, but that is a different matter.

    The 'Army Green' pair(s) I have bought are functional and worthy of 'heavier duty' outdoor activities: camping, hunting, building, working on cars, etc. that still look, feel and function at an excellent level. These are MADE to move in and have some extra room without being baggy.

    It also allows one to actually USE the several pockets, which some critics seem to overlook. If that is not important to you, then get the kind with the non functional 'vanity' and fake zippered pockets and rock on.

    They are not HD Carhartt's, but then again those will run you at least $70.00 and up to $100.00 a pair. These are solid 'medium duty' pants in comparison, but for those not working arduous jobs all day, but for $29.99 it is not likely that you can find any better, more durable, functional AND presentable as these are, or at least the version I purchased.

    Edlyn Norma

    How can a 40 waistband be more than one size?,I use another brand of these in the exact same size and these have an inch less in the waistband ( I measured ) they are also right across the thighs. If you're a skinny big guy they should fit fine. The material and quality of the item is very nice. Order the next size up.

    Halbert Ulva

    Match Men's Wild Cargo Pants What I like most about the Cargo Pants are the fit and the deep pockets. I don't have to worry about change falling out of my pockets when I am driving or sitting.

    Flora Lucia

    Fits perfectly I really like them, after a year and constant washing these shirts still ok..the color is a little fady but that's because i use bleach a lot..I'm gettin more

    Hunter Luke

    Comfortable. Like the way they fit and feel.

    Margaret Serena

    Two Stars pockets at the back make using the trouser uncomfortable, hence ended up removing.

    Donald Hetty

    Great!,I bought these for my husband for Father's day. He likes them real well. He says they are light weight, and more comfortable than jeans.

    Helena Travers

    Not as good as they used to be The quality isn't what it users to be. There was a time where a pack of these would hast four or five years, easily. These days, boxer briefs last about year before replacement. I sit;; have one of two pair bought back before 2000 that have held up great - fabick, elastics, all of it. These days, if you buy it now, expect to replace them at leaf once a year.

    Vivian Rory

    Great quality and value,I bought these for my son for Christmas. He really likes them they are supper comfortable and seem like you aren’t wearing anything. Very soft and well made!

    Lighthearted Walter

    Great Quality Originally bought the XXL and it was way too big. Returned and bought the XL. Great shirt, good fit.

    Kent Frida

    An ego saver,These pants fit perfectly, true to size. My husband had surgery on his foot and with the bandaging he was not able to pull his regular pants over the foot without hurting his foot and the bandages . Wearing shorts to church in the winter was not a confidence booster for sure. I searched Amazon and thought the bottoms of these would gently fit over his bandages and be easy to pull off without hurting him. He loves how comfortable they are and that they have pockets as well. I'm happy that he can wear these out and still look nice while his foot heals.

    Oscar Monica


    Bethany Leanne

    They're how cheap?!?!?!,Super affordable and super comfortable. I'm definitely going to buy a couple more.

    Willis Eldwin

    Good for price The neck hole is tight (that’s what she said) but still is comfortable.

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