Lark & Ro Women's Short Shawl Pillow Collar Puffer Jacket

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Lark & Ro Women's Short Shawl Pillow Collar Puffer Jacket


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  • 90% Polyester, 10% Nylon
  • Imported
  • Machine Wash
  • Elevate your cold-weather style with this chic take on the classic puffer coat
  • Shoulder-pillow collar with tie, hidden zip front closure, on-seam pockets
  • Bring style and confidence to your everyday wardrobe with polished essentials and wear-to-work staples from Lark & Ro
  • Model is 5'11" and wearing a size S
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    Comments (42)

    Emrick Valley

    Four Stars Good

    Wilona Sorrow

    Would buy again and again! After receiving this shirt I ordered a few more items from these guys. I couldn't ask for more as far as quality goes.

    Thea Bound

    Not so good,Stitching out with first wear

    Evan Grover

    Fit and feel great!,Bought these for my son. He wears soccer training pants for the majority of his days. These fit great and are comfortable. He has been wearing them in his rotation of training pants since he received them.

    Ernest Rose

    Great shirt Delivery was as expected. Color is great! Size L fit as expected. Washed great.

    Erik Imagine

    3xl slighty too big but well made and beautiful colors This shirt is so pretty and looks great. It's a little big for a 5'11 250 for a 3xl size but it's roomy and he likes it. Soft and lightweight.. Collar has a thick corduroy piece which adds a bit of warmth to the neck.. I initially thought the whole inside was of corduroy when purchased but it isn't. It is a thin flannel shirting material.

    Ellen Rich

    Fine, basic t-shirt Not much to say, they're t-shirts.

    Tyler Rose

    Comfortable and warm,Great for lounging around on cold winter days and even for running errands. Very happy with these pants.

    Warrior Renfred

    Good pants,Good pants. They fit my tall body well

    Kendall Darcy

    Three Stars,Okay

    Adrienne Stranger

    They look well made,I just got them, therefore, it is hard to rate their durability. They look well made but only time will tell.I will be using them for hunting. Please note, unlike cotton pants these do make a "little" noise while walking, however, maybe after several washing the noise will subside.

    Fergus Female

    Best choice for me Nice quality and good fit
    Excellent price and quick delivery

    Earl Gardener

    Rather baggy,Wide leggs and too long.

    Edwina Gentle

    Ordered a similar pair as well,Wearing them right now.

    Gresham Ward

    Exactly what I wanted! Super comfy!

    Bertha Moorish

    Camo Cargo Pants Great product, perfect fit, awesome material!!!

    Darell Henry

    Order 1 size up These run an entire size small, order 1 size up.

    Walter Wayne

    Good value I bought as a gift person on receiving end was pleased

    Forest Hattie

    Worth it,Comfy. Good for hiking, fishing, and hunting. Lots of pockets for stuff.

    June Gillian

    I LOVE THESE SWEATS!,SO WARM AND COMFORTABLE!!!!! I love these sweats! Easy to wash and wear, and so very warm!

    Sheila Egan

    Very Long Legs,Maybe I missed the description of this item had extremely long legs..but they sure are long and can';t be used (by me) until I have them altered. Might be useful to include leg length as well as waist size in the item description (as other apparel sellers often do).

    Ada Lovely

    Great pants,Good fit Not bulky at all

    Thalia Searcher

    Comfortable!,Super comfortable and it didn't shrink in the wash! Perfect pants to just lounge around in.

    Titus Melissa

    my son loves this hoodie My son works outdoors in all sorts of weather conditions, this hoodie has kept him warm and dry during the crazy weather this month.

    Kenyon Wilbur

    Comfortable,Bought two one was missing Waist Drawn string for the waist. Other than that would buy more

    Estra Douglas

    Good product and worth the money,These are very comfortable and very warm. I might buy a second pair.

    Hartley John

    Quality can be good or poor depending on where it's made I bought one of these shirts several months ago in the Shale Plaid style and was satisfied with the overall quality, so recently decided to purchase another in the Cedarwood Plaid style. I noticed on the label that the Cedarwood Plaid shirt was made in India, while the Shale Plaid shirt was made in China. After one wash/dry cycle following the directions on the label, I found that the Cedarwood Plaid's fabric had pilled much more than the Shale Plaid shirt had after multiple washings. Another thing I noticed is that the backside reinforcement stitching for the top corners of the shirt pocket on the Cedarwood Plaid shirt was done using small pieces of scrap fabric that were already unraveling. Just seemed like a very messy and low quality way of doing it. The same backside stitching on the Shale Plaid shirt was done much more neatly and looks strong.
    The Chinese made shirt seems to be much higher in overall quality than the shirt made in India. I don't know if that's going to be the case with all of the shirts in this line. I ended up buying a fuzz remover to get rid of the pilling on the new shirt and had to empty the collection compartment twice. After ironing it, it now looks decent, but it took more time and effort and extra expense than it should have for a $30 shirt, IMHO. I think Legendary Whitetails should follow up on their quality control more closely.

    Gavin Hardy

    Reasonable & good fit pants!,I ordered medium size - great fit!

    Faith Dependable

    Great color Great hoodie for camping

    Udele Myrtle

    Fits Perfect!,For the price, these work awesome!! I went skiing and hadn't had any ski pants since I was a child, so I bought these to use and I will be using these a lot for future skiing trips!

    Percy Landry

    What I like Ibot it to sleep in and a women. It is very soft.

    Maude Norris

    Too small The sleeves are to small. It’s a 4x and the sleeves must be for xl gave it away.

    Willow Emmett

    Great price and quality fits huge,Great product soft and comfortable but fit is huge looks super baggy

    Renee Hardy

    LOVE my khaki sweatpants,These sweatpants are by far my favorite pair! Everywhere I go people do a double take and ask me if I'm wearing khakis and complement them. They fit exactly as I was expecting and don't seem to have shrunk in the couple of months I've been wearing them. Highly recommend!

    Ramsey Ariana

    Super Comfy It’s great if you like to wear oversized jackets! Just get a couple sizes up from your normal size

    Fannie Just

    Good fit!,Good product. Item was as discribed and fast. Thanks!

    Rose Sea

    Way too big,Fits legs and thighs great. The waist is incredibly too large. I started with the 3X according to the chart and was way too big. So i tried the 2X, not much better. So I tried the XL and its still too big in the waist. I don't think I can wear the Large. Also there is just one drawstring inside instead of 2.

    Georgia Peggy

    Length,Very comfy for husband. He is tall. So length is important cand didn’t shrink

    Jade Jasper

    Nice quality but yellow is neon I already had this hoodie in another color, so I already knew it was quality, heavy material. Great for those of us who live in the Pacific Northwest. My biggest dissappointment with this is the color. It is NEON yellow, which is not stated in the listing. If you work road construction, this might be perfect; you'll be very visible. However, for the rest of us, we would probably want a normal yellow. I wear it around the house, but never set foot outside with it on.

    Kimball Beloved

    First reaction! Very soft, and it fits perfect! I'm waiting on testing them out tomorrow. So, please ignore the star rating, until I field test.

    Jerome Murray

    Too small These run very small. Does not fit.

    Rory Edan

    Five Stars,these are great good price too

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