House of Harlow 1960 Women's Toni Jacket

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House of Harlow 1960 Women's Toni Jacket


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  • Self: 100% Polyester; Lining: 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • No Closure closure
  • Hand Wash Cold, Do not Bleach, Do Not Tumble Dry
  • Open front
  • Buttoned cuffs
  • Side pockets
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    Comments (45)

    Interpreter Elga

    Very nice flannel. Love the cuffs on the sleeves Very nice flannel. Love the cuffs on the sleeves. Tons of color options too.

    Prosperous Vance

    Exactly as described in fit (3xl), looks and quality fabric. I ordered this shirt for my husband. He is hard to fit because he wears a 3xl and many times the shirts are just too small. This one fit perfectly. It’s made from good quality, soft fabric that washes well. I do not dry it after washing I hang it to dry after tumbling on medium heat for 10 minutes. He’s very happy with it.

    Melville Logan

    Keeps me cool Bought these to wear when working in the sun. They kept me cool on hot days. I also didn't have the issue of the stitching being bad that some others have mentioned. Idk if they fixed the issue or maybe they just got a bad batch.

    Merle Bernice

    Great fit!,Great quality and thicker than expected! Very nice comfortable fit. Fleece type lining inside so super soft which i am not the biggest fan of because fleece makes me feel hot but dosent effect quality. I would love to get these in other colors to wear for lounging or to style. I think they’d be too thick to work out in for me personally as I’d rather wear something more breathable but I dont really work out like that so it isn't a issue either way.

    Hal Juliana

    Christmas gift,My son in law was very happy with his gift

    Regal Kacey

    Great! I love this product! Very comfortable and fits great!
    I will be back to buy more when I need to!

    Earthy Warlike

    Good Sweatpants,Probably the highest-quality sweatpants I've owned, but for the price it makes sense. Very comfy.

    Zebadiah Fleming


    Thea Ethan

    Great! Great quality,fits good

    Laurel Peaceful

    Perfect,Husband loves them and I’m ordering some for myself.

    Ruler Percival

    ??? Fantastic

    Sheridan Travers

    Run small in waist.,I have a similar pair of Hanes sweats. Joggers are tighter in the waist and are nearly too small.

    Samson Durwin

    Ugly and big I usually wear med but this was Hella big and not good looking at all

    Olivia Warrior

    Comfortable,Looks like they will be comfortable

    Alison Edward

    Comfortable and good fit This hooded sweatshirt fit as expected and is very comfortable.

    Marian Elijah

    Nice undershirts. The shirts I got are of good quality. Ordered XXXLT, and they fit well. They will shrink some, as should be expected. The shirts loose a star because they shed a ton in the dryer. Even several months later they still loose a lot, although the shirts don't seem too much worse for it.
    There is a real problem, however, with being able to order these again. When I ordered the first time, at $22.49 (the same price at the time of this review), I received a pack of six. Now, when I link to the item from my previous purchases, the description indicates it is a pack of three, the photo indicates a pack of six. Essentially, it appears this is NOT the same product I ordered, then, and I'm glad I read the details prior to reordering. It appears many other customers are confused as well. Questions posed by other Amazon customers for clarification of quantity seem to indicate they are a pack of six but may also be five. One customer said they received only three. There is just too much uncertainty to justify ordering again. I don't remember seeing any other item on Amazon where you have to gamble on what you might actually receive. It would seem that Amazon could easily get it together on this item, but from the number of questions they receive regarding what the actually quantity you will receive is it appears they show little interest.
    For that reason, I don't recommend ordering these, at least not until Amazon can definitively address all the conflicting information in the product description.

    Fresh Godwin

    Great deal No problems

    Hadley Maureen

    Three Stars Somewhat on the big side

    Compassionate Egerton

    These are good pants, my only complaint - and it's more ...,These are good pants, my only complaint - and it's more of a general complaint with everything with a drawstring these days - is that it's sewn into the back and breaks easily and then there is no way to fix them.I understand that manufacurers do it this way now so that the front ends of a traditional drawstring don't get lost up inside the waistband but once it breaks the pants lose a lot of utility. At least with the old way if the string went back up inside you could still wrestle with it and get the string back out and keep using the pants. But pants that are done his way, if the drawstrong breaks in the back (or more accurately, it rips away from the seam) there is no way to fix it and you are stuck with pants that you can't tighten anymore.

    Lilly Quintessa

    Poor Design,These pants are pretty good quality with a good fit, however, the zipper at the bottom does not unzip far enough that you can remove the pants without taking off shoes. This is kind of the point of having a zipper around the ankles.

    Immortal Donald

    Nice lightweight hoodie Lightweight and comfortable

    Sally Elise

    Great fit These are great for work.. very happy

    Blueberry Crown

    Not a fit for me. Not a fan of the material just didn’t fit or feel right for me.

    Emma Lee

    they are very compfy,they are a little too small in the legs and loose in the waist but overall they are good.

    Edmond Ramsey

    A nice fitting option The fact that the front is somewhat divided into a separate space makes it so it keeps everything from getting stuck on the legs. Add it that they kept the functional fly, and I’m completely happy with the function. My only issue is color options.

    Serene Lillian

    To small It runs 2 sizes smaller

    Nola Rhea

    A lil bit big but comfy.,I got the 2x and I am a size 16. I should have gone down a size as they are a bit big (and I like my sweats baggy). But luckily the drawstring helped. Also they are a bit long. I am 5'7 and I had to pull em up to my stomach lol. Maybe I have short legs? Overall extremely comfortable and I love the pockets. Would get again just a size down.

    Malcolm Merle

    Great pants,Great pants -

    Kit Strength

    The company keeps sending me the wrong size.,The product is great but there service is terrible. They keep sending me 36W 32L and my purchase was 34W 34L.

    Lauren Ethan

    Happy Customer,My son was really happy with his sweat pants that's all he wears....

    Nydia Stream

    Comfort,Super comfortable, roomy and lots of usable pockets.

    Earthy Sandra

    Love the pants.,The pants fit perfectly. They have pockets - which I like. Look good enough to wear anywhere.Warm and Comfy.

    Alexandra Beryl

    nice item fits good

    Dora Lucia

    Quality in the product,I like it

    Logan Erskine

    They hold up better than I was expecting,Will be buying more in the future! Great quality!

    Optimistic Gertrude

    Good shirts. Good shirts.

    Tanya Annabelle

    Cotton Flannel Shirt I love this shirt. Great for the cool weather. Very comfortable fit.

    Selene Grey

    Nice shirt The color

    Tyler Milburn

    Great Quality at a reasonable price. Washes well. Completely satisfied with your product. Have bought this product for years. It is made well and performs well.

    Harold Tammy

    Comfortable This is just a great shirt.

    Rosalie Edana

    Was looking for a cotton hoodie but isn’t as soft Overall it’s a decent hoodie but if you’re looking for softness I would not suggest this hoodie.

    Vincent Jewel

    Good but pills I love this sweatshirt and have several but the black one pills like no ones business. Otherwise great.

    Elmer Sparkling

    Great Quality Flannels Hubby has 3 or 4 of these now and will still get a few more! Definitely great flannels and great quality!

    Nessa Godfrey

    Comfortable fit, Texture of the product, Style, and Price,We are delighted with our Gildan Men's Fleece Open Bottom Pocketed Pant. We are enjoying the comfortable it, the style, and the feeling of the material—great value for the price.

    Becky Whitney

    XX is really a large,Way small cut for XX order. Not even an XL but really a large...

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