Ginger By Stella & Ginger Lace & Boucle Wrap Jacket Black L

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Ginger By Stella & Ginger Lace & Boucle Wrap Jacket Black L


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    Comments (43)

    Wayne Luke

    pants are longer than expected,pants too long but I shortenedthem

    Elton Wyatt

    Nice item Great sun protection

    Vigour Brenda

    they look like I've been wearing them for years,Sweat pants for warm weather, cheap quality, but fit well. After one week use, they look like I've been wearing them for years.

    Maura Neville

    Comfy and warm Comfortable and good quality

    Joe Guinevere

    Great buy,Looks awesome, comfy to wear, get compliments on them all the time

    Damon Rowena

    Good laying on the couch pants,Good laying on the couch pants

    Wide Kate

    Dope but baggy These cargo pants are sick although they do run big because I’m a size 30 and they seemed to be 32 but it’s just my style.For those who don’t want baggy cargo pants try going a size smaller.

    Darell Delilah

    Fleece works!!FlReplacement for ruined fleece pants.eece with comfort, fit, and washability.,Ordering 3 more colors on April 3rd!Comfort, fit, and laundry of pants; all excellent!!

    Fairfax Floyd

    7月10日 Comfort and quality are consist with the price. Fits larger than expected.

    Lester Francis

    Nice product Fits well but is not as heavy as expected. Nice and warm too. Very nice for where it doesn’t get tooo cold.

    Briana Kingsley

    Thank you,Fits perfectly

    Ulva Hortense

    What do you expect? It’s exactly what you think it is. It’s orange. It’s a hoodie. 5/5

    Sparkling Butterfly

    New Favorite Joggers,When I say I love these, I mean I love them so much I've ordered two more pairs.I wear them on campus, I wear them to the gym, I wear them relaxing at home after classes and work. I love them. They are incredibly comfortable, durable, and don't fade or wear out quickly. I've had no issues with tearing, shrinking, etc. If you're on the fence about spending money on Adidas or higher quality joggers, all I can say is just do it. You won't be disappointed in these.

    Prosperous Kerri

    Good for the money These shirts are fine for the price. The quality is cheap but again they are cheaply priced. I bought 3X based on earlier reviews. I usually buy XXL. The shirts vary in size. Some are larger than others. Again for the money they fit the bill.

    Sarah Maude

    WORTH THE MONEY! I bought my husband one for work, Im gonna purchase more since i loved the first one so much that i took it from him lol great sweater! Warm but not heavy. Make sure to air dry, they can shrink easily if you dry them too long

    Kayla Pierce

    Good sweatshirt for the price. This sweatshirt is not heavy or light -- just medium weight, which I like. Also, it doesn't stretch, which is okay with me.

    Harlan Miranda

    Ski Pants Review,Pants held up very well in the cold in Colorado while skiing. Didn't feel the elements that much. The insulation is really good too, definitely will be getting a second pair for the next season of skiing.

    Orlantha Faithful

    Great fit Work!!

    Heroine Imagine

    Must own EXCELLENT 190 6'2

    Sapphire Frederica

    Great product Fits well

    Cheerful Page

    Nice budget sweatpants,Good sweatpants for the price. They were about what I expected and fit my husband nicely. He wears them around the house.

    Kelvin King

    Nice sweats,Soft material, decent fit, and price make this a good deal.

    Gemstone Kirby

    Fits as Expected I'm 275 and the XXL fits me great. The shirt is great, nice and warm and fits well.

    Oswald Sorrow

    Exactly what I purchased Exactly what I purchased

    Shining Dark-Haired

    Does well for my uses It's nice and light weight perfect for use in my office. It's definitely more of a cool weather hoodie because of how thin it is. Zipper is really nice and works smoothly. It's Hanes so you get what you pay for, don't expect anything too amazing.

    Dark Adelaide

    Hemmed elastic bottom,I purchased the Russell Athletic pants for mixed blend material and hemmed elastic bottom. I previous had two pair for around house lounging that have worn out after 10 years . My old pair had thinner material, but these pants work perfectly and not too hot of a temperature.

    Hayley Hayley

    Bigger than expected. Measurements are way too big.

    Ardent Lynn

    Great sweatshirt Just what I needed

    Eleanor Wendy

    comfortable pants,always liked russell athletic ware, i find them comfortable long lasting and affordable

    Gerard Valley

    The sleeves would fit someone with alligator arms Very short sleeves

    Lorelei Godwin

    Great pants. Fit as they should,Fit as expected. Nice pants for kicking around in the colder temps.

    Spencer Lea

    Good product Just what I wanted and needed for cross country skiing in cold weather!

    Peaceful Bound

    Great work hoodie This hoodie fits great and I love the color

    Marcus Hilda

    Only one wear before fabric worn out,Wore one day and already pilling. Would have expected better from thick sweatpants

    Bernice Amiable

    Very Pleased,Very comfortable and size is good.

    Durwin Samson

    Bought as gift for social services org. for pople in need.,i cant say how well they fit, etc, I buy various colors and sizes for a social services be given to those in need. Generally, sweat pants/jogggers like this are warm, comfortable and good for layering when it's cold out. The price is low enough I can afford to buy multiple pairs. There are so many homeless and peoplewho got badly hurt financially during this pandemic, the charities need as much help as they can get.That said, I send some every fall and they ask for them every yr.

    Ferguson Winifred

    Waist right tightness bottom of leg has elastic a must for short large men,True to size good elastic

    Harley Quinlan

    Shrinks in size by a large amount The shirt was washed less than 5 times and it had shrunk down by at least 1 full size.

    Sherman Philbert

    Great shirts Purchased these as they were advertised on sale. Pleasantly surprised with the fit and length of the shirts. I am 6’4” and they remain tucked in all day while bending and reaching.

    Queenly Kay

    Comfy, but waist is too loose,The sweatpants are very comfortable, but the elastic band in the waist is too week to be effective. They will fall down if I don't tie the drawstring tightly. I bought three pairs and one of the drawstrings already broke. If I had to do it over, I think I would have spent a little more to get better quality.

    Willis Industrious

    Great but just a bit small The fabric is of great quality, it just fits a little tight I recommend sizing up by 1

    Land Royce

    Does not stretch This sweatshirt does not stretch like regular sweatshirts do at the bottom. It’s soft and lightweight but not stretchy at all

    Caretaker Cunning

    good quality. Fast shipping,Fits perfectly! As described, good quality. Fast shipping. My son is very happy. Thank you!

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