ECOWISH Women's V Neck Spaghetti Strap Drawstring Waisted Long Pants Jumpsuit Rompers

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ECOWISH Women's V Neck Spaghetti Strap Drawstring Waisted Long Pants Jumpsuit Rompers


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    Comments (13)

    Eighth Lynn

    Fleece sheds at unreasonable rate. Two pants yielded a double handful of loose fleece (lint).,The form, fit, and function was as advertised, but the fleece came loose in a "lint storm". I tried on a pair of sweats before washing them and the lint was transferred to my white underwear to look like a leopard's skin! I put both pair of sweats pants through the washer with a lot of "lint" released in the washer. The shedding was even worse when I put them in the dryer on low heat. Got a double handful of lint/loose fleece. I like the maker's product but not this product! I won't buy any more Fruit of the Loom fleece sweat pants.

    Luciana Simon

    Good value Good value

    Sterling Flower-Like

    Proper fitting after washing,Didn't shrink in length

    Foster Roswell

    Great purchase,This is the 2nd pair I have ordered and both have been the correct fit and are made with wonderful quality!

    Dwayne Bertina

    Poor quality,For an Under Armour brand it was surprisingly very low quality product. Feels like you are wearing 2 pants at the same time. Makes lots of noise when you moovr (like a plastic bag almost. And doesn't flex where you need it to so tearing is more than likely to occur.

    Pansy Jacqueline

    Two Stars,Waist is the right fit but the legs are snug around the calves and thighs.

    Sherman Oprah

    Good quality sweat shirt It is a men's small and I am a woman so the bottom waist band is tiny bit snug, but not tight. It is a comfortable fit. The sweat shirt is thinner than some, but I like this weight because I can wear a T shirt under it. I will buy more of these sweat shirts!

    Zea Roger

    Great value,Great product and great price.

    Red-Haired Faith

    Pay for what you get One of the shirts has a rip in it after one wash.

    Ronald Stephen

    The old stand by All the Xtemp & other flavor of the month fabrics don't hold a candle to these.
    They're durable, they breathe & are reasonably priced.

    Ruby Joseph

    Great quality and true to size,Great quality and true to size

    Melvin Dominic

    great for cold weather! Very warm, and the fabric was easy to slide clothes over.

    Silvery Perfect

    Great fit ?? Liked everything about this product ??

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