Calvin Klein womens Sleeveless V-neck Jumpsuit With Tie Neck

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Calvin Klein womens Sleeveless V-neck Jumpsuit With Tie Neck


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  • 94% Polyester, 6% Spandex
  • Imported
  • Zipper closure
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Flattering fit
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    Comments (25)

    Sebastian Harley

    Another ruined product,I was preparing to replace my old Champion joggers from 5-6 years ago so I ordered the same product. I didn't know that they went from being super comfortable to super tight that I can barely pull them over my calves. Pity they don't sell the old model anymore.If you have any tiny amount of leg muscles, stay away from these pants.

    Belinda Effie

    Shirt runs small It runs small

    Eldon Troy

    Good buy for the money.,These fit just how my son wanted them to fit. Not overly baggy, but also not super skinny. He is 14 and generally wears a size 29 or 30 waist and 30 length, and the medium is perfect for him. They are also good quality in terms of thickness, and how they are made. He didn't want to have any brand name on them, and they don't have that written anywhere visible other than tag.

    Gerret Flame

    The length is good. However, they are too tight. Like skinny jeans.,did not fit as epected. to tight.

    Fairy Kayleigh

    Satisfied The shirt fits very well I am pleased because I have problem with the sleeves.

    Shawn Olive

    Comfort!,They fit and feel great!

    Lea Land

    Nice fit I wear an XLT size shirt at 6’4” 230. I’m impressed with this shirt. It’s a attractive shirt and the sleeves are long enough. I’ll order additional shirts. Thanks

    Sapphire Imogen

    Good quality,Perfect pants

    Kurt Justine

    I love I love it

    Jennifer Sherman

    Great Pants,Very comfortable and warm for snowboarding!

    Adelaide Gifted

    Good fit Fits good not too tight

    Lucy Fair-Haired

    Comfortable, but not water resistant - definitely not water proof. Great pants otherwise,That pants fit well, were comfortable, I could move, bend, and maneuver very well in them, but the main reason I purchased them was for the weather/water protection. I'm in the elements a lot and needed something water resistant I could count on. These didn't meet that mark, but they did meet the others. Very good pants, aside from not being truly water resistant. If you need water resistant, try something else. If you need a good pair of tacticals with great design and maneuverability, these are great. - Not water resistant -

    Ralph Steadfast

    Awesome Flannel! Super comfortable and warm!

    Ula Robin

    Merry Christmas Good price great fit

    Jarvis Ebenezer

    Nice sweat pants. Medium thickness.,These pants are not particularly warm, They are only medium heaviness. But is fine. North Carolina is not Northern Saskatchewan.

    Shawn Bertha

    Great for HTV Used it for HTV and it came out great. Washes and wears really nicely. Will buy again.

    Mariner Willis

    Nice quality pants that fit well,Nice pants and fit pretty well. They're thick so great for cold weather.

    Pleasure Jarvis

    No me gusto el acabado de la costura y las casitetas eran muy anchas y las mangas muy cortas.. las devolví

    Montague Barbara

    Nice pants,Nice pants but bought the navy and it sheds small blue fuzz. :)

    Harley Gardner

    Fits perfectly Product is true to size and fit

    Trix Jane

    Good purchase,Good fit, of course the length had to be shortened. Very comfortable.

    Sharon Lane

    Comfort I have enjoyed the Hanes brand of Underwear and have found that even though I maintain a 38 waist (most of the time, I didn't want to chance the Large (36-38) and ordered th XL (40-42) and they fit comfortably.
    Not necessary to add any inches on the waist line. They are comfortable and I would recommend them.

    Questa Trent

    fits well on him so not complete waste of money I guess,Just buy one size bigger If you want some room when you wear this. Gave them to my brother, fits well on him so not complete waste of money I guess. Quality and material is nice though.

    Gerald Vivian

    You get what you pay for Ordered a 4X, was way to small, really cheap feeling. The torso wasn’t long enough for me, felt like it was way to wide and not long enough. Wanted to try it because I wanted some cheaper sweatshirts for work. I just ended up buying something else.

    Grey Natalie

    Great for the price,While listed as lightweight, they were actually heavier than expected, but not uncomfortably so. And as they were at the limit of my waist line, the draw string was a little too short to be tied easily.

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