Billabong Women's Standard Beach Cruiser

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Billabong Women's Standard Beach Cruiser


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  • 91% Recycled Polyester, 9% Elastane
  • Imported
  • Pull On closure
  • Hand Wash Only
  • Non-Denim Pants
  • Billabong is a leader in surf-inspired apparel and accessories for men and women with one simple mission: to inspire youth through progressive surf culture.
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    Comments (35)

    Cub Kane

    Fleece lined Not sharpa my misunderstanding not what I really was looking for.

    Hector Montague

    Thick and cozy.,A bit thicker than I imagined based upon the grey pair I bought last year. Great for chilly mornings! So cozy and soft on the inside. Durably stitched with deep pockets. Absolutely sold on Southpole's quality.

    Red Noelle

    Basic hoodie Short! The comfort and fabric are great but the length is rather short!

    Sheridan Handmaiden

    Just right,Love them.

    Phyllis Randolph

    BLOWN OUT ZIPPER ONE WEEK IN.... A nice utilitarian look, my wife hemmed them when they came in as they were Very Long.... on the second time waring them, upon sitting down in a casual environment, the zipper, which looks to be a nice steel zipper, just busted open... no real stress on them.... had to force the zipper back down and line it back up to zip again only having the zipper blow out 4 to five time in one evenings wear.... a shame, I like the look and pants overall, but they are unwearable with this problem....they are folded in the closet, they will probably go in the trash.... Thumbs Down from my experience.

    Rejoicing Jewel

    Very warm and comfortable,This item meets to my satisfaction. Very comfortable and loose, easy feeling

    Tanya Faith

    Nice and thick for cold months,I bought XL for a 6'2, 210 lb. Man and they fit perfectly

    Lulu Luke

    Not a fit for me. Not a fan of the material just didn’t fit or feel right for me.

    Honor Blooming

    Good buy Fits perfect and feels great!

    Bertina Royce

    I’ll buy more in different colors I like them so much,Very comfortable. Open bottom much better than elastic.

    Daphne Forbes

    Good - except for the drawstring,I should have read the description better ... while the waist is elastic, if it's too loose you have to use the drawstring ... which wouldn't be a problem except it has one of those continuous elastic drawstrings instead of the drawstring with two ends. Impossible to tie these properly.

    Queenie Ferdinand

    quality has gone down in the last 10 years,I have a set of these from 10 years or so ago. Since then the fabric is thinner, they eliminated the zipper pocket on the right side next to the regular pocket, eliminated the darts on the backs of the knees, and changed the drawstring from a cloth one to just a polyester cord string.A bunch of little things that add up to a lot. The old set was top of its class and has worn very well. Just now it is starting to fray at the back of the leg opening from wear. so instead of being my top choice they look like something from wally world in quality with a much higher price.I am willing to pay a good price for quality, why is it the mfgs just keep taking good products and ruin the to save a penny and lower the price.

    Lara Sapphire

    Sizes are not that great. Cut weird What everyone has been saying about the sizing, inseam etc are all true. It is stylish, but if u have big thighs, it kinda restricts a lil. Won’t be buying another pair. But if you have skinny legs, go for it, even then it may look baggy on you. It’s good for the cold weather definitely

    Kelsey Beguiling


    Martina Juliana

    very happy with the sweats,they fit just right- a little long in length but not dragging on the floor. perfect for lounging- also warm.

    Quintana Miles

    Quality Beautiful

    Millicent Joey

    Winter Toughness at a great price.,The quality was excellent; very durable, warm, and comfortable. These are exactly what I needed for long distance backpacking during winter.

    Elsie Jocelyn

    Great product,Fit is great. Very soft and comfortable

    Soldier Star

    WORTH IT This sweatshirt is super comfy and I know need one in every color!

    Ralph Dominique

    Solid product. Great quality.,Comfortable wear. Anywhere.

    Leah Joshua

    Its nice Its great and the color is light.

    Spring-like Prudent

    Shirt: right color, right size, appears well made. I intended to use it as an everyday shirt, but because it is a bit heavier than expected, it will be a perfect over shirt here in Southern California.

    Wilbur Harris

    ok for short people you should offer a tall size if it's going to be cut so short

    Garth Jessica

    Husband loved it! Loved it! A little thicker than the regular Carhartt sweater. Very nice! Great for those cold desert nights.

    Philippa Strawberry

    Great buy!,Nice and warm! And I love the look of them too! They fit great and cant beat the price!

    Donald Bright

    These things are great!!!,These things fit me great and are an excellent choice and value.

    Salt Dennis

    Won’t go over ski boots,Great pants but don’t fit over ski boots even with the zipper undone. Have to wear them inside the boot or at the top

    Edeline Nydia

    Nice,Nice stretching material with fleece inside.

    Teri Linette

    Perfect!,Considering that these pants are not easy to find, we ordered them from Amazon.We like that the pants leg opening at the ankle is not tight. No elastic used, just clean hem.The pockets are actually large enough to be of use. :)Thanks,

    Erskine Trista

    Great fit, warm and soft Warm and soft, I love the material and the fit too.

    Fergal Red

    Bad quality! Each and every pair comes undone at the pockets, stitching as well.,I liked that it was a 3 pack. I don't like that I wasted my money on something that didn't even last 1 mth.

    Thora Garth

    Full Zip Hoodie Soft and fits great.

    Leslie Joseph

    ,Me encanto tela suave y comodo

    Monroe Henrietta

    Great sweats,I want to buy more ! Too bad the price went up

    Joe Stuart

    its a great sweater because it feels heavier then it is Its great but it seems like the material inside sheds off. and you get cotton all over you. When i wash it for the first time I believe it will go away.

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