Agnes Orinda Plus Size Bomber Jackets for Women Color Block Zip Up Long Sleeve Jacket

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Agnes Orinda Plus Size Bomber Jackets for Women Color Block Zip Up Long Sleeve Jacket


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  • 100% Polyester
  • Zipper closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Unlined, Contrast Ribbed Trim, Crew Collar, Zip Up Front
  • Occasion: Daily Wear, Weekend Gathering, Shopping,
  • Pair with your pants for any occation
  • Machine Wash Cold with Like Colors
  • Model Body Size: Height: 5'7", Chest: 42 inches, Waist: 32 1/4 inches, Hip: 44 7/8 inches, Weight: 180 lbs, model is wearing an 1X
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    Comments (27)

    Sebastian Renee

    Great for those winter cold days He LOVES it. Perfect fit

    Quenby Zane

    Work out sweats,For the hubby. Perfect workout sweats

    Fannie Harriet

    Good purchase for the price.,I have a pair of under armor joggers and they are a lot thicker then these. The under armor more sweat pants thick these are a little thicker then a t shirt. They fit the same around the waste and ankles. I'll see how they hold up. My under armor joggers are 3 years old and no issues,ill wait in see how these hold up.Also $50 vs $20. All in all $20 for some joggers isn't a bad purchase. I would recommend them, if you are going through weight loss or you got a kid thats growing.

    Church George

    differences in pants ordered,i ordered two pairs of these pants (both large, charcoal light heath & mod gray light heath) and there are definite differences between the two. one pair had a back pocket, the other didnt. there was a 2 inch difference in the inseams. the overall fit was baggier in one than the other. be careful when choosing a style, color and fit.

    Gilbert Geraldine

    Good value Quality shirt at a good value.

    Faith Precious

    The best! These are the best flannel shirts on the market! Fantastic!

    Nola Morris

    Perfect all around I really like these cargo pants, zip and buttons

    Ivan Damon

    Great shirt Absolutely love this shirt. I will be buying more legendary whitetails shirts. Great quality, thick and comfortable. No issue with fraying like I've read with others.

    Lea Eric

    Nice, great price! Feels good, looks good, fits right!

    Melvina Monroe

    Good jacket Awesome

    Estelle Attendant

    Quality very poor and sizing.,Very bad sizing.Size runs two sizes bigger. Wanted this for casual wear.

    Michael Errol

    ?? Fits great, good quality.

    Declan Agnes

    Four Stars The bottoms fit great, but the top is a bit small.

    Optimistic Cub

    Fit tighter than most sweatpants,I ordered the men’s small hoping they would be looser than women’s large, which have same length and waist measurements. In Hanes sweatpants, the women’s small is baggy on me, so I didn’t want to size up too much, but these fit much tighter than what I am used to. They aren’t uncomfortable though, and the inside is warm and soft. I’m keeping them because I can still fit one extra layer underneath, and I just wanted them to bundle up in at home when I am cold. Overall they are very nice, but customers should be aware of the close fit. Length of these increases roughly an inch or so by size. If you are looking for looser pants, order several sizes up if the longer length isn’t an issue for you.

    John Caretaker

    Great color the color is great especially when you are video chatting with people

    Meris Briana

    Great underwear Great underware

    Edana Serene

    Build for comfort not fashion.,These sweatpants are comfortable for kicking around the house. A bit baggy and no pockets. These will not show off your hard work at the gym.

    Gresham Eva

    Comfort Very comfortable

    Helen Bianca

    just what I needed,I live in a colder part of California and work during the coldest parts of the morning (midnight to just before lunch) these have kept me warm and when I was surprised by heavy rain they kept me dry. These go above and beyond what I expected and will be buying more in the future.

    Des Tobias

    he was pleased.,bought this for a friend.....he was pleased.

    Amaryllis Bird

    Great fabric The fabric is actually really nice.

    Godwin Heroine

    Warm, not bulky and well made. Highly recommend. I ordered an x-large and they fit perfectly. The fabric is soft and comfortable, not bulky and keeps me warm while I am working outside. I ordered 2 pair in white and gray and wish I had ordered the black as well. I would definitely recommend and buy this product again.

    Felix Felix

    Size chart is way off.,I ordered an XL, and what arrived was a 3XL or possibly even a 4XL???

    Wyman Elizabeth

    Good quality,Fits fine.

    Oriel Ramsey

    Just ok,Little disappointed they aren't as comfortable as my older ones

    Noblewoman Grant

    Excellent buy!,My husband is 6’ 3” and needs a comfy durable pair of sweatpants that holds up and fits well

    Leroy Ernestine

    Not fire retardant,My son was putting logs in the fireplace - sparks landed on his leg & burnt holes. Very dangerous, I thought it was a law that clothes in the USA had to be fire redartant. Are these made in a country that doesn't require flame retardant so they use whatever then ship to the USA???

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