AG Women's Robyn Fitted Stretch Jean Jacket

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AG Women's Robyn Fitted Stretch Jean Jacket


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  • 58% Rayon, 21% Cotton, 20% Polyester, 1% Spandex
  • Imported
  • Button closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Wash cold
  • 20in / 51cm, from shoulder
  • A sturdy denim AG jacket with a button placket and cuffs. Button tabs cinch the waist. Flap breast pockets. Long sleeves. Unlined.
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    Comments (15)

    Glorious Neville

    Terrible quality,The cheapest quality I have ever felt. Extremely thin. Don’t waist your money

    Estra Lucas

    great shirt a very nice shirt love it

    Mark Kenneth

    Would not buy them again for several reasons.,Would not buy them again:1. Pants felt and worked great against 25 degrees with wind, and trudging in 18" snow.2. But today (2 days after the Return-By date) the zipper broke on the right hand-pocket. My seamstress wife said it's a permanent break, see pic. I think part of the problem is the fabric over the zipper gets caught in the zipping. The left hand pocket has the same fabric problem.3. Both front pockets are unusually small. So, I needed to zip them up to keep things from falling out. Phone barely fits.4. That tiny pocket on the right thigh is very tiny and tight. My key ring of 4 keys barely fit in the pocket. I felt the keys all the time.

    Stewart Hamlin


    Ruler Primrose

    ok ok

    Sacha Geraldine

    my bf will love them :),purchased for my boyfriend, he's 6'1 125lbs and i can tell these will fit him and he'll probably move in and live in these pants :)

    Strength Honey

    Fits as it should Fits as it should

    Octavia Harris

    Weird fitting,it fits so weird

    Noblewoman Lewis

    So thin.... So, I got these 4-pack of long sleeve UV protecting shirts for working outside. When I took one out and felt it, it was so thin and airy that I called my wife over and held up the shirt to see what she thought. She immediately started laughing, even before she touched the fabric. Why? Because she could see me through the shirt. Now, I know it doesn't really matter if you hold UV fabric up to the light and can see through it- it's a myth that if you can see light through the shirt, it won't protect you.
    But she saw me through both layers of fabric immediately. Then I tried it on, and in spite of the shirt being so thin and insubstantial, it felt scratchy- almost like paper-thin burlap. Needless to say, these went right back.
    Thank goodness for Amazon's return policy.

    Eddie Questa

    Scaled out, not up. Bought in a 4X, as an experiment - I wear a 3XL, but usually buy 3XLT because most "big" clothes are simply scaled out for a wider diameter, without taking enough into account the need for additional length. Sure enough, this garment is wide enough for my chest, but way too tight around the neck and nowhere near long enough to even cover my stomach, never mind keeping my stomach covered with my arms over my head.

    My wife's going to steal another one, I guess, and I'll have to keep looking for a comfortable replacement hoodie.

    Dominic Gilda

    Great and Warm,If you work in a freezer I definetly recomend these for you!

    Damon Barbara

    comfort This product was exactly as expected, I bought several for my husband to wear to work , they are perfect for that

    Scarlett Swift

    Love this thick cuddly sweatshirt! Great quality, very thick and comfy! Love the color!
    Bought for my son who is a size medium. I bought up a size because he is growing. Plenty of room for him to grow.

    Alarice Irene

    Five Stars It fits and durable, not more i can say.

    Ethanael Kerwin

    The fix good The was nice

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