2LUV Women's Quilted Flax Fur Hooded Vest Padded Fleece Jacket with Zip Closure


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2LUV Women's Quilted Flax Fur Hooded Vest Padded Fleece Jacket with Zip Closure


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  • Fleece,Faux Fur
  • Zipper closure
  • DESIGN: Faux fur trimmed hood for style and cozy warmth. High Collar Quilted Vest with Faux Fur Inner Collar and Body Lining and Stretchable Side Gathering. Shell:100% Polyester , Lining: 100% Polyester , Exterior: 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • FEATURES: Lining add fleeces makes it soft and warm, block the wind out. This stylish and classy down alternative vest features quilted detail, zipper pockets, standup collar, zip closure.
  • Look modern and stay warm in our light weight padded puffer jacket. Pair with jeans and boots. Great for every day location. Look great in fall and winter.
  • 100% Polyester. Durable Lining keep you warm in a chilly fall and winter.
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    Gillian Joan

    ?????? iT’S a THiN HooDY ?????? I bought this for my son. He’s like me and he stays cold all of the time. My husband likes to keep our home as if we were hanging meat in here for some reason (mostly because he’s an athlete and sweats a lot if it’s too warm). So, my son wears hoodies around the house and it has been a while since I’d bought him some new ones. So since I hang out on Amazon spending money that I shouldn’t, I figured I would just grab him a few of these hoodies. They came and are very soft, but they are VERY thin! They’re not the traditional hoody material. It’s like they took the cheapest fleece material they could find to make a hoodie so they could charge a minimal fee for it. I’m worried about how many washes I will be able to get out of it before it becomes tattered and shreds away. We shall see. I did keep it because, well, the price was nice and plus my son rectified the problem by wearing layers (he had 5 shirts on total — NO LIE!! It’s that thin!!!)

    So, if you’re wanting something for warmth, looke elsewehere. However, if you’re just wanting a throw-around-hoodie, then this is your jam right here, so get it!

    Zelene Hugh

    Hane’s Men’s Sweatpants,They came with a hole in the center of the butt part.

    Tony Elfin

    It shrunk. Like the color, material is soft but it shrunk and now it does not fit very well.

    Garth Lauren

    Four Stars good

    Julie Leslie

    Product damaged This is for the white sweatshirt that came with black marks

    Desired Victorious

    Great Deal!,Beautiful fit; deep pockets, arrived in just a couple of days. Great price - nice job!!!

    Gillian Frances

    Little short for me Little too short for me. Kinda gotta tuck it. Otherwise, it’s ok.

    Powerful Guardian

    Decent Sweatshirt Not overly thick or warm, but it fits fine and is a good sweatshirt.

    Mona Geraldine

    The larger size helps to dress my MS patient.,I orders larger size because dressing my MS patient is a little difficult. I needed a little larger arou nd the middle and straight cuff area to go over a brace. The fleece lining for this time of year is great because take him to dialysis 3X a week. To sum it up these wash well...fit where I need them and the prices is great.

    Kit Perry

    Realmente no puedo decir nada malo de este producto

    Larissa Spring-like

    Great for making a Christmas sweater Very warm and comfy and fit just as expected. I made a Christmas sweater out of this sweatshirt and everyone loved it!

    Annette Sorrow

    Perfect Choice Order arrived quickly. Fit was great. Good quality.

    Joy Malcolm

    Good fit. Perfect fit.

    Phyllis Jewel

    Unraveling Mess,Basically a waste of money. I've had several feet of thread come lose from several pairs, several times. I'm pretty sure these will come unsewn long before they wear out. And the pockets are too small.

    Dora Udolf

    6'1 and fit great.,I'm 6 foot 1 and this pair fit great. I don't sweat too much in them as they're breathable, unlike many other cloth pants I've had in the past.

    Nina Shamus

    Five Stars,Fit is great and very comfortable

    Hale Keith

    Disgusting I Clearly Put 2xl and they Sent A Small Out of everything !! Peace of crap mixing orders up like that.

    Kerri Sally

    They get loose fast Okay item. Okay price.. comfortable but they loosen up fast…

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